The Amazing Views of the Williamson’s Tunnels…


FoWT have two equally impressive and grand chambers, Paddington and the Banqueting Hall. Both of these chambers contained many Tons of Infill which has been painstakingly removed by hand by our volunteers. Now that the Banqueting Hall is almost empty, we can view these two great chambers side by side. These photographs, were taken at a similar angle, looking down from the chamber above to give a good idea of their size, scale and height.

The first of these chambers to be emptied is the astonishing cathedral like Level 4, deep in the depths of Paddington. This chamber is an amazing 40ft/12m high and extends down to an incredible depth of 60ft/18m below street level. At this depth, its base is below Liverpool’s water table and constantly fills with clean water, filtered through the sandstone. We finally finished emptying Paddington in Nov 2016 after 4 years of hard but very rewarding and fascinating work.

This new and never before seen view of the Banqueting Hall, shows the scale of this amazing chamber to be almost as staggering as Paddington’s Level 4. We are still working on emptying the Banqueting Hall at Williamson’s House site, however we are almost finished. If you have visited the Banqueting Hall, you will probably remember the huge mound of infill, just like a ski slope at the far end of the chamber. This mound has now gone, since we started our dig within the Banqueting Hall in June 2017. We should be finished in the next few weeks too.

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