Dan Snow, becomes Patron of FoWT


Dan emerging from the Gash into the BAnqueting Hall

In February 2017 we had the honour of a visit by the Broadcaster and Historian Dan Snow. Dan toured both Paddington and Williamson’s House site including the Banqueting Hall and Wine Bins. Whilst with us, Dan interviewed Trustee and Guide, Tom along with our Chairman, Gordon. This interview was to be released as one of Dan’s regular and very interesting Podcasts on his History Hit Network.

You can listen to Dan’s Podcast in the Williamson’s Tunnels here:

The Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels are delighted that Dan Snow has accepted our invitation to become a Patron of the charity.

Dan is passionate about history and has spent 15 years making television and radio programmes, writing books and more recently broadcasting a top rated podcast.

He has a passion for visiting the places where history has been made and seeing those relics of the past where you can still reach out and touch them. He has visited six continents and 100 countries during the course of his travels but his greatest excitement comes when exploring the world class history and heritage right here in Britain. Williamson’s Tunnels is just one example of the myriad of wonderful historic sites dotted around the UK. There is never a shortage of new places to visit.


Dan interviewing Tom, at Williamson’s House Site.


Dan & Tom in the Wine Bins.


Tom, Gordon & Dan in the Win Bins

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