First dig in the Sandstone Arch.

Progress continues on Joseph Williamson’s House site. Today a small group of volunteers started to dig out the Sandstone Arch, whilst another group constructed a protective cover over the newly discovered steps as protection from the weather.

Looking down to the Sandstone Arch from half way up the ladder.

For those of you that have never visited under Williamson’s House site, the Sandstone Arch is at the bottom of the ladder, just before you enter the Gash which leads you into The Banqueting Hall. The Arch itself is very precisely made out of very large and heavy blocks of stone. Each block worked to perfection, just like elsewhere in the Williamson Kingdom being so nicely dressed.

Andy & Chris digging out in the Sandstone Arch
View showing the large Sandstone ledge and the bedrock floor

We have come across the bedrock floor in part of the Sandstone which is a surprise, as it is only approx. 3ft down from the surface of the infill. We did think that this area would be deeper, we thought that the square shaft you can see in the pictures would have been deeper than it is, potentially being a continuation of the Gash. But once again, Williamson surprises us…

A view into the “Cavers Squeeze”.

Still, as the week’s progress we will uncover more. We intend to start digging out the big pile of infill towards the end of the Sandstone Arch, which will bring the level down and uncover more of the Tunnel, leading us into the Great Tunnel – hopefully.

A view only been possible from today, showing the bedrock floor with carved groove. High up behind all the infill, is the Tunnel that will eventually lead us into the Great Tunnel.

Have you visited this section of the Williamson’s Tunnels? Why not Join us and take part in our member’s visits during the year? We will announce the dates soon.

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