Celebrating Skip 150 and Level 4 progress

This week, we took delivery of our 150th skip. This amazing milestone has been achieved since Nov 2012, we estimate removing approximately 1,200 Tons of mixed infill from the deep chambers of Paddington during this time. Of course if you follow us regularly, you will also see that every last one of these skips have been filled completely by hand too. See our video “The Journey of a Bucket” to see how we removed all this infill.

Sue Morrison, the wife of regular Digger John made us the most amazing cake that we all enjoyed during our lunch break. The cake, shaped like a skip, was beautifully made, it was such a shame cutting it. However we did and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next Sunday, we will not be opening Paddington, we have planned to all meet for a few beers to celebrate this amazing milestone.


Our Volunteers, with Skip 150 and the skip cake…


The wonderful skip cake, made by Sue Morrison

Work continues down in the lowest level today, we did well half filling our milestone skip. We have today uncovered more of the bedrock floor in the Ash chamber. You can clearly see in the first two photos below, the worked sandstone bedrock, with its gully at the side. At the top end near the bedrock buttresses and ladder, strangely there does not seem to be a gully at that far end.

We estimate that there is possibly another 4 skips to come out of this section.


The extent of the bedrock floor can be seen here


This is the top end of the newly exposed rock floor


Some volunteers today in Level 4


The ever increasing floor areof this deep chamber

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