Sandstone Bedrock floor, more revealed… (Updated)

Ted and Little Al, cleaning up the Bedrock today

There were not many volunteers on site today, probably due to the football happening today. However, those that came worked hard as usual, half filling skip 140. We have uncovered quite a bit more of the sandstone bedrock floor of Level 4 now. It appears to be a most unusual shape. You can see the floor clearly in these photographs. We are finding quite a lot of timber here too now, some of this timber can also be seen. Today’s timber looks to be sheet wood unlike previously uncovered timber in this area that which has been planks of wood. Could this sheeting that we are now finding, have been part of a floor or platform above? Who knows?

Bedrock floor, showing the trench around it
The Bedrock floor, this time showing the timber

We had a couple of visitors today too, a Chap from the University of Liverpool who interested in a project to map the tunnels in a 3D, using very advanced equipment which scans the tunnels with millimetre accuracy. This sounds absolutely amazing and should show Williamson’s trademark arches well.

We also had a visit from 4 United Utilities staff, who were in the area, surveying for leaks. They came over, we got talking and gave them a tour. They were fascinated, they of course asked about the water we were pumping out from the depths of Level 4. One of the chaps, after being told that we had had the water tested and that the water was clean apart from having a high salt content. This would be due to the seepage of the water through the rock, tasting some of the water, confirming “it’s not our water” so were delighted that it was not caused by a mains water leak. They gave us several pointer and tips, on how to deal with the water and confirmed that we were fine to continue pumping the water out. Thank you for the visit and the donation too…

The trench on one side of the Bedrock


Updated Mon 29th Feb 2016

Look closely at the photograph above and the closeup below, can you see the face?

Can you see the mysterious face in the rock?

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