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FoWT were honoured to be represented at the Memorial Service of His Grace, the Duke of Westminster.

On Monday 25th November, Gordon our Chairman, was fortunate to be invited to represent the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels at the Memorial Service of Major General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor the 6th Duke of Westminster. It was an occasion to be remembered held in the beautiful Cathedral of Chester. It was attended by The Prince of […]
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As we celebrate the end of our big dig, we received our Licence for Mason Street. A Day to remember…

Sunday 20th November saw us welcome a great crowd of both current and past volunteers to Paddington to celebrate the last bucket to be removed from Paddington’s depths. We were delighted that Liz the daughter of Frank Hodges and Marie, Steve Moran’s sister came to empty the last buckets in memory of Frank and Steve […]
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The end of our Big Dig…

This last week has been quite a week for us, on Wednesday we finished filling skip 159 with infill from the final chamber to be emptied. Though we have left a couple of buckets full of quarry waste in the corner, which is for the final digging day celebration being planned. The planned celebration and ceremonial […]
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See you later Steve…

Joe Wareing, a very talented artist and longstanding member of FoWT, has drawn this wonderful and very fitting tribute to our dear friend and colleague Steve Moran… Enjoy…

Big History Weekend, St George’s Hall

This Saturday and Sunday, 9th & 10th April, saw FoWT attend the Big History Event, which is a fantastic free event held in the St George’s Hall. We had a great couple of days, meeting a lot of very interesting and likeminded people, most just like ourselves volunteers in their particular field. We welcomed quite a […]
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Liverpool Echo publicity…(Updated)

We were delighted that once again, the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels were featured by the Liverpool Echo Online. This feature, focused on our ‘Big Dig’ which has been ongoing in our Paddington site over the last 3 years. We have also announced the extremely good news that, thanks to the continued support of Liverpool City […]
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Members Visits 2016

Our regular Members visits are coming up fast. As a member you get to come and see all the tunnel’s under our care. So in addition to our Paddington site, you can also visit the famous Banqueting Hall with its wonderful Sandstone Arch and Gothic arch and also the Wine Bins, with its fantastic Elliptical […]
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New map shows extent of the Tunnels…

The questions we have been most often asked over the years are, “where are the Tunnels?”, “how far do they go?” or “is there a map of the tunnels?” To our knowledge Joseph Williamson never created maps of his underground kingdom, or at least if he did create a map of his tunnels, it has […]
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