Members Visits 2017

Our member’s visits for 2017, which give members the chance to do a full tour of the Non-Public tunnels under the care of the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels will be held on:

  • Wednesday 14th June 2017
  • Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd July 2017
  • Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th September 2017

On these special Members tours you will be given the opportunity to visit the following three Williamson’s Sites:

  • Paddington
  • Banqueting Hall, including the Sandstone Arch and the Gash.
  • Wine Bins.

If you are a member and have not visited us for a while, we recommend making a return visit. There have been a lot of changes in the tunnels over the last few years, with new areas for you to see and explore, especially at Williamson’s House Site where we are currently digging. Of course, you will probably not recognise Paddington from the Paddington of old, with it’s incredible cathedral like chamber deep underground. If however, you are a new member and have never visited us yet, then please do come and see us.

If you would like to book a slot on the Members Visits, please go to our “Members Visit” page for more details.


To book, click here…

4 thoughts on “Members Visits 2017

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been following your progress for ages and welcome the email updates. I was going to come see you some time ago, but unfortunately fell ill and could not make it. It’s great to know that the tunnels will be open on 22/23 April and I intend to come over to see everything ‘in the flesh, so to speak, rather than just the pictures.
    Could you please give me the details for the visit (times and so on) and as soon as I can find the right bus to reach you, that’s all I need.
    Looking forward to the 23rd
    Kevin Jones
    *Possum ergo ago, et incepta persequo*

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