Amazing View of Paddington’s Level 4 from above

As work continues on Paddington’s Level 4, we continue to dig and pump the water from its depths twice a week. In 1999 when we first discovered Paddington, it was not possible to walk into this chamber, however now the chamber is 10.5 meters or 34.4 feet deep from the lowest point up to the […]
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First Paddington dig of 2016

Today was our first digging day of 2016, and while we didn’t have many volunteers on site today we did some tidying and general housekeeping instead. We were not able to bring any buckets of rubble from down below as the skip was already full. This was because of the Christmas and New Year break, […]
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

2015 has been a good year given the amazing progress we have made at our Paddington site. We have also done very well for the great publicity that we have received this year on TV, press and other media too. Hopefully 2016 will be just as kind to the Williamson’s Tunnels? The Trustees and our team of volunteers […]
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Mole 30 Newsletter

The new official Newsletter of the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels, the “Mole” issue 30 has been printed and is being prepared to be sent out to all members. You will either receive your mole in Black and White in the post or for newer online members or members that requested the colour version, you will […]
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Progress at Paddington 20th Dec 2015

  With only two digging days before Christmas, you can understand why there were not as many volunteers on site as usual. However, there were 13 helpers on site which is still a good turnout. We worked hard to partially fill skip 134. We are currently levelling out the floor whilst also the pumping out lots […]
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