Paddington dig Update & Bears Paw

Work at Paddington continued again today, skip 132 is on site. We have two main jobs on the go in Paddington at present, bringing the usual buckets of infill from deep down in Level 4 up to the skip and additionally, we also have the problem with water. We have dug down to the level […]
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The Journey of a Bucket

Since November 2012 when we received the first skip at our Paddington Tunnels site, people have been amazed to hear just how our team of volunteers worked to remove the estimated 1000+ tons of rubble and materials that had been dumped in the catacombs of Paddington since 1840, when Williamson died. Since it has not […]
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Paddington, Wednesday 18th November 2015

Wednesday 18th November may have been just another digging day for the dozen regular volunteers who turned up on a very wet and windy morning at Paddington but it was also a notable anniversary. It was exactly on this day three years ago in 2012 that the first skip was delivered on site and the […]
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Tunnels visit weekends planned

We’re just starting planning for next year’s tunnels visiting weekends. With 2016 rapidly approaching, we’re provisionally looking at two weekends in April and another two in September. These are the comprehensive tours of the normally-closed sections, so as well as seeing the latest excavations in the Paddington tunnels, visitors go underground on the house site, […]
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Deeper and deeper …

  Things are getting insanely deep at Paddington now. ¬†These photos were taken on 25th October 2015 and show the digging team at work and taking a well-earned break. When you think just a couple of years ago this area was packed almost to the top with rubble, we used to invite visitors to touch […]
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